20+ Toddler Living Room Activities

Sometimes entertaining a toddler is a full time job, and coming up with new ways to amuse them can be tiring. So the next time you’re stuck trying to figure out an indoor activity here is a handy list of 20+ options to inspire you and your little one.


  1. Make a band out of pots and pans
    If the banging on the pots is too loud for you try trying some felt around the end of their “drum stick”

2. Build a blanket and pillow fort








4. Or even make your own puzzle

5. Soda bottle ring toss

6. Couch Cushion obstacle course

7.Play Dress up

8.Have a floor picnic

9. Build a tower (and knock it down for extra fun!)

10. Have an indoor scavenger hunt








12. Color the inside of a cardboard box

13. Have a dance party

14. Practice threading with straws and yarn

15. Balloon tennis with paper plate and Popsicle stick rackets

16. Color sorting with construction paper and colored blocks

17. Make your own bowling alley with some empty water bottles








19. Read a story

20. Make a race track

21. Use masking tape to make a line to practice balance

22. Play Simon Says

23. Practice your animal noises

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